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Visitor Immigration

A visitor visa ( known as a temporary resident visa ) is an official document that we stick to your passport. It shows that you needed to enter Canada as a visitor for up to 6 months.

You can apply for a visitor visa online or on paper.
There are three categories of visitor visa:

  • Single entry Visa
  • Multiple Visa
  • Super Visa

What is a Canada Visa?

In a layman language, A Canada visa is a stamp on your passport which permits you to enter Canada.

Canada is a country in the North American continent located right over the United States and is known as a highly developed country. The people’s demand to travel to Canada has been consistently increasing in the last couple of years but most people wonder how they can visit Canada.

Every year, Canada invites nearly 50 million people from different nations. You can visit Canada as a tourist, to see loved ones, and friends, or to do business. Whether you plan on visiting Canada for a couple of days or a while, you must meet some significant immigration requirements.

You can come to Canada as a tourist. During your stay, you’ll need sufficient money to help yourself and everyone included in your application.

Canada has a range of visas that permit you to come for a vacation or to visit loved ones, as well as some special visas that permit other activities like short-term study or business. Temporary resident visas can be useful for one entry to Canada or for a period of time. Learn more about visitor visa options

and how to extend your stay with First Light Immigration Consultancy.

The Canada Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visas):

The Canada Visitor Visa is a Temporary Resident Visa
that allows the person to stay in Canada for a particular timeframe for purposes such as

  • Tourism or holidays in Canada.
  • Visiting family.

which is controlled by the Canadian Consulate or Border Services Officers (BSO). This time is generally up to 6 months. However, the temporary visa can be a single entry or multiple entry visas.

Canada Visa Application

The Canada visa application process depends mostly on the visa type you need to apply for.

To apply for a Canada visa, you need to go through these major steps:

1)See whether you are qualified for a Canadian visa.
2)Create your online account/record.
3)Compile the file documents.
4)Pay the charges.
5)Wait for the processing of your Canadian visa.
6)Submit your passport for stamping and preparing the charges.


  • There are some basic requirements to get a visitor visa.
  • have a substantial travel document, like a passport.
  • be healthy.
  • don’t have any criminal or immigration-related convictions.
  • To convince an immigration officer that you have ties—like a task, home, financial assets, or family—that will return you to your nation of origin.
  • To convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada toward the finish of your visit.
  • have sufficient cash for your visit.

Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time?

The Canada visitor visa processing or handling time goes from 8 to 40 days. However, the processing time is distinctive depending on the country you live in. So, you will have to wait around 1 month for your Visitor Visa to be handled.

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