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Student Immigration

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Student Visa

Consistently, more than 130,000 students come to Canada to study. The study permit is a document issued by Canadian immigration which is a type of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) that allows an outsider person or individual to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada. Most foreign nationals/persons or individuals need a study permit to study in Canada.

The study permit allows you to stay in Canada until your program ends and in some other cases work while you are enrolled in school or work after you graduate.

How to Apply for a Candian Study Permit?

Check Your Eligibility

Before you start your application, consultants with first light because we provide the Best study visa consultants Toronto, confirm that you meet every one of the requirements set by the IRCC to qualify for a study permit. This will saves you time and money. If you meet all the requirements including enrolment in DLI, then you can start applying for a study permit.

Set Up Your Document

Certain documents or reports are required while applying for a study permit. These include:

  • Evidence of acceptance into an assigned institution
  • Valid Passport and travel documents
  • Financial proof to officers that you can cater to yourself and any accompanying relatives

According to your case, we offer the best study visa consultants toronto, Canada. You may require extra documents, including a letter of clarification and a custodian declaration (for minors), among different records. In case you don’t know which records are expected of you, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Fill up the Study Permit Forms

when you have ready all your t documents, complete your application forms online or by hand. We suggest finishing your application online as it’s more invaluable. Because from an online application it saves you

time and mailing charges make it easier to update your application. After that IRCC receives your application immediately after submitting it.

Pay the Fees

If you filled your study permit forms and attached all the Important documents, you can pay the required payments to IRCC. Study permit and biometric fees included in these fees.

Submit all documents with Your Application Forms:

If You Complete your application forms and attach all documents with them, including fee payment proof, then submit the study permit application to IRCC. If you fill your application online, you can submit it online.

Give Additional Information

When IRCC gets your study permit application, During processing, they may ask for additional information. It includes medical tests, police verification, and biometrics. Ensure you give this information within the given time period.

Want to Qualify for a study permit, Eligibility required by the IRCC. You must:

➔Have acquired a letter of acknowledgement from one of the assigned learning institutions (DLI) in Canada, i.e., a school approved by the (territorial or provincial) Canadian government to accommodate worldwide students.
➔Prove that you will leave Canada once your study permit is invalid.
➔Provide financial proof to show that you’ll be able to:-
➔Pay your educational expenses.
➔Financially Support to cater to yourself and any relatives that go with you to Canada.
➔Pay for return tickets for you and your relatives once your permit terminates.
➔Obey the law of Canada and have no criminal record.
➔Be healthy and be able to go through medical examinations.
➔Be acceptable to Canada.
➔Acquire a Quebec Acceptance Certificate(QAC) in case you’re hoping to concentrate study In Quebec province.

How To Apply For Designated Learning institutions?

To apply for a study permit, you need

1.An acknowledgment letter from an assigned institution.
2.A designated learning institution is a school approved by the provincial or territorial government to host international students.

All primary and secondary schools of Canada come under Designated learning institutions. It also includes colleges, universities, and technical vocational schools that are recognized by DLIs.

But there are many universities or other educational institutions in Canada which are not recognized by the Canadian Government.

So, You must not apply for this institution, since you will not be permitted to attend them, whether they acknowledge or accept you.

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