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Spousal Sponsorship

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If You are a Citizen of Canada or a permanent resident and wish to immigrate your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner then you have the right to sponsor them to join you in Canada as permanent residents under the spousal sponsorship category.

Spousal Sponsorship Requirements:-

To qualify as a sponsor for your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner, you should meet the subsequent set by the IRCC:

1.Prove that you can provide for the fundamental needs of you and your family, including food, clothing, and shelter.
2.Show that you are not getting social help except if it’s for disability.
3.The minimum age should be 18 years old.
4.Be legally a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, or registered as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act. Note that:
a)You can’t be a sponsor, someone if you’re a permanent resident dwelling outside of Canada.
b)if you’re a Canadian citizen living outside Canada, you have got to prove that you just decide to live in Canada when your sponsored relative becomes a permanent resident.
c)If you’re sponsoring a spouse with a dependent child (child or children of their own) You should be ready to show that you can support them financially.
5.As the sponsor, you sign a sponsorship agreement the undertaking promising that:
a)You’ll give monetary help to your accomplice or life partner for 3 years whether your relationship ends.
b)You’ll repay any temporary social guide offered to the supported accomplice/life partner during the endeavor period. (3yrs) .

Sponsorship Agreement:-

The sponsorship agreement is an agreement signed by the sponsor and also the person being sponsored. It’s an agreement that requires the following things:

1.The sponsor will have enough financial income to cater to the sponsored person’s needs.

2.If the sponsor lives within the province of Quebec, there are Quebec’s immigration and sponsorship assesses your finances and requires you to sign an extra undertaking with the province.

3.Prove your relationship with the person you sponsored :

a)Spouse: Prove that you’re legally married.
b)Common-law partner: must be a minimum of 18 years and provide proof of your relationship and lived together for one year.
c)Conjugal partner: 18yrs of age, You must prove to be in conjugal partnership for a minimum of 1year, as acknowledged by IRCC.

Spousal Sponsorship Processing Time

The processing time for the spousal sponsorship application is 12 months.

1.Spousal Sponsorship Checklist.
2.Ensure you both are qualified as a sponsor and the person you want to be a sponsor.
3.Ensure you have important reports documents and proof required to prove your relationship.
4.Ensure you pay the right charges through the right channels.
5.Complete the sponsorship forms as specified and send them to IRCC together.

Apply for Spousal Sponsorship

1.)Confirm Eligibility:-
Check the eligibility required for you and the spouse or partner that you want to sponsor. Ensure you’re eligible to apply for spousal sponsorship prior to continuing.

2.Get the Application Package:-
Acquire the latest spousal sponsorship package and complete the forms. The application package comprises of:

3.Fill the Form for the sponsor and the partner or spouse:-
Attached all required documents of yours and the sponsored person (whom you want to be sponsored). Complete the spousal sponsorship forms. A guidance manual for helping you and the person you wish to sponsor.

4.) Submit all documents:-
If You Complete your application forms and attach all documents with them, reviewing them, including fee payment proof, then submit both the sponsorship request and permanent residence application through the given mailing instructions or via courier services.

5.Give Additional Information:-
When IRCC gets your sponsorship application, they may ask for more information from the mate/accomplice during processing. It includes medical tests, police Verification, and biometrics.

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