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Refused Spousal PR?

Starting a Sponsorship Appeal

First Light Immigration Consultancy passionately represents every clients’ case before Immigration Appeal division in the starting phase. Having adequate experience and legal expertise plays a crucial role in winning an Appeal Case for refusal visa.

Who Can Appeal For A Spousal Refusal?

You can appeal to the IAD if you’re a permanent resident or Canadian citizen who made an application to sponsor a member of your own family to immigrate to Canada and therefore the visa application was refused by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Who Can’t Appeal For Refusal?

You can’t appeal if the person you sponsored is found inadmissible to Canada because of:

Serious Criminality, which is defined as having:

Been punished for a sentence of six months or more of imprisonment in Canadian region, or

Been convicted of an offence outside Canada that would be punishable in Canada’s maximum term of imprisonment for a minimum of 10 years, or committed an act outside Canada that might be punishable in Canada by a maximum term of imprisonment of a minimum of 10 years.

➢ Gangdom (Organized Crime)
➢ Security grounds
➢ Violations of human or international rights, or
➢ Misrepresentation of the person or documents (Incase, the person sponsored by by the applicant is spouse to him/her,either a common-law partner or his/her own child)

How To Start For An Refusal Appeal

Every applicant has a period of 30 days after receiving the refusal letter to appeal for refusal to the IAD.

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