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Refused PR for Parents/Grandparents?

Refused PR for Parents/Grandparents?

How to Start A Sponsorship Appeal?

In case of your parents or grandparent’s PR case under family sponsorship was refused . You can contact First Light Immigration Consultancy today to successfully win the appeal case and get the visa approved!

First Light Immigration Consultancy specializes in getting approvals for refused Family sponsorship cases if your case was refused because of

❖ Medical Inadmissibility
❖ Income Ineligibility Of Sponsor
❖ Dependent Child Ineligibility Etc Or Any

If you’ve got a family member (Grandparents) sponsored whose application for permanent residence in Canada was refused, then you may need to appeal that call of Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) so as to let the authority know why the visa application must be accepted. This is called a visa sponsorship appeal (subsection 63(1) of IRPA).

Who can appeal For Refused Parents/Grandparents PR?

You can appeal for the refusal to the IAD if you’re a permanent resident or Canadian citizen who has made an application to sponsor a dear-family member to immigrate to Canada and therefore the visa application was refused by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Who Cannot Appeal For Refused Parents/Grandparents PR?

You can’t appeal if the person sponsored by you was found inadmissible to Canadian region because of:

1.Has A Felony Capital Offence
2.Involved In Gangland Or A Part Of Any Organized Crime
3.Security Reasons
4.Undeclared Family Members
5.Violations Of Human Or International Rights, Or
6.Wrong/Incorrect Information In The Application Forms
7.Undeclared Family Members

How to start an appeal For Parents/Grandparents PR :

Every individual being refused has a time frame of 30 days to appeal after receiving the refusal letter to IAD.