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Replacement or Renewing a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card)

Prepare by filling and completing your application for PR Card renewal today! Complete your application quickly and accurately with our step-by-step guidance that walks you through each query. Immigration Expert Review is now available with your application package.

Let us support you to complete a IRCC (formerly known as CIC) application today! Faster, Easier and Professionally.

Price $95 (CIC fees not included)

Who is Eligible for a PR Card Renewal?

Individuals eligible to apply for Permanent Resident Card renewal must be the Permanent Residents in Canada under the below circumstances:

➔ The original PR Card
➔ PR Card that has/will soon expire or
➔ Replacement of a PR Card that has been damaged, stolen or lost.

Eligibility Criteria for a Permanent Resident Card:

The applicant :

  • Should be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Should be physically present in Canada
  • Should not be under an effective removal order
  • Should not be a Canadian citizen or a registered Indian under the Indian Act, and Should not be convicted of an offense related to the misuse of a Permanent Resident Card.

Wish to know how to renew your PR Card?

The application process to renew the PR Card for Canada requires individuals to file IMM 5444 form and submit the specified documents so as to interchange the cardboard that has expired or will soon expire. Destroyed, stolen, lost or expired immigration documents issued by Canadian Government are often replaced. To possess a PR Card renewed, individuals must complete an application and pay the applicable processing fee.

There would not be a need to contact the IRCC (formerly known as CIC) if your card has expired or is due to expire.

Documents required with your application:

1.Your expired Permanent Resident Card.
2. If it’s due for expiration, you will retain it with you and return it to the IRCC (formerly called CIC) officer at an area IRCC (formerly referred to as CIC) office after you visit to collect your new card.
3. Photos. Consult the Photo Specifications Appendix within the guide for more information. If your photos do not meet the requirement, they’ll not be accepted.
4.A copy of your valid passport or travel document, or a duplicate of the passport or travel document you held at the time you became a permanent resident. Please note that if photocopies aren’t clear, your application will be returned to you.
5.Any other identity documents per the Document Checklist (which are going to be a part of the applying kit).
6.Should not be convicted of an offense associated with the misuse of a Permanent Resident Card.

For any more details and assistance for documents you can visit or call First Light Immigration Consultants Canada.

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