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Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

What is labour market impact assessment?

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), originally known as the “LMO,” is documentation that, in most situations, a Canadian business must obtain before hiring a migrant worker. A positive LMIA, often known as a “confirmation letter,” indicates that a foreign worker is necessary to fill the position. It will also indicate that there is no Canadian worker or permanent resident who is qualified for the position.

What is Labour Market Impact Assessment Impact on Canadian Employment Market

The LMIA’s purpose is to determine the impact of recruiting foreign workers on the Canadian labour market.

Moreover, the Labour Market Impact Assessment process comes under the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), which aims to guarantee that employers do not prefer foreign candidates over competent Canadians and legal residents.

The LMIA assessment can yield one of three outcomes: positive, neutral, or negative.

The employer may continue and offer a job to a foreign national via Labour Market Impact Assessment if the result is indeed a ‘positive’ or ‘neutral’ effect on the labour market.

What are the requirements for LMIA?

Your LMIA application would be sent to Employment and Social Development Canada when you submit it. A few things will be taken into account when examining your application. This includes the following:

  • Are there any Canadians in the area who are available and ready to do the job?
  • Has the employer gone to great lengths to find a Canadian to fill the position?
  • Will employing a foreign national assist in the creation or retention of jobs in Canada?
  • Is the pay or compensation offered by the company comparable to the regional average for the position?
  • Are the working conditions up to par with Canadian labour laws?
  • Is there a current labour dispute between the employer and the industry in which the position is located?

The LMIA Process’s Key Steps ​

Nevertheless, after months, if not years, of difficulty filling critical roles within a company, most employers seek to hire from abroad. As a result, applying for an LMIA is not a spur-of-the-moment choice. Employers are encouraged to use LMIAs as a last resort by the government. You’ve taken the first step toward a successful LMIA if you believe this procedure is the only way to meet your hiring needs as an employer.

1: Determine whether you require an LMIA.

2: Determine whether or not processing an LMIA is prohibit.

3: Establish the minimum wage rate that firms must pay foreign workers.

4: Choose the appropriate LMIA stream based on the occupation and wage rate.

5: Create an advertising and recruitment campaign in accordance with the LMIA stream’s guidelines.

6: Run an advertising and recruitment campaign for the specified amount of time.

7: Finish the application package, which includes forms, proofs of recruitment, a synopsis of the recruitment, and any supporting papers.

8: Complete the LMIA application and pay the fees.

9: Keep track of the results of the advertising and recruitment campaign.

10: Take part in the ESDC officer’s last phone interview.

11: Wait for the LMIA decision to arrive.

12: Give your foreign workers a copy of the LMIA ruling.

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