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Investor Class Immigration

Immigrant Investor Program

The Canada Investor Visa Program is meant for attracting qualified business individuals who are ready to contribute to Canada’s growth by making a major investment into Canada’s economy. Investors who meet all the criteria of this Canadian immigration program, alongside with their immediate relations, can get their Canadian PR visas.

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The Immigrant Investor Program is meant to attract qualified business individuals that are able to contribute to Canada’s growth by making an adequate investment towards Canada’s economy.

The Canadian Investor class Visas are an option for those that have an interest in bringing business to Canada, eager to

  • 1.Start a new business,
  • 2.Start a franchise,
  • 3.Import an existing franchise, or
  • 4.Open a new business branch in Canada.

Basic Requirements For Investor Class Visa

Investors must comply with all the requirement to for qualifying this Canadian immigration investor program:

  • The investor must not desire to live in applied location in Canada
  • The investor must be able to demonstrate that he/she has the mandatory business experience. This could be done by having owned and operated a qualifying business or by managing a staff of a minimum of 5-10 employees in past
  • The investor must be having a minimum net worth of $1,600,000 CAD. (which is legal and tax paid white income) and
  • The investor along with his family members aren’t found inadmissible on grounds like health and security.

How Much Investment Is Required For Applying Investor Visa

The investment of $800,000 CAD to be made by the investor will be administered by Citizenship and Canada Immigration. Citizenship & Canadian immigration will return the $800,000 investment in approximately 5 years and 3 months after payment, without any interest on the payment submitted. The investment is guaranteed by the all Canadian provinces, that can use the investment to give birth to new jobs and contribute to grow the economy.

Process For Applying Investor Class Visa

All the visa applicants are normally required to create an investment within 30 days of the applying before getting approved. Once the visa-application is approved and also the investment is completed, the applicant (and his or her immediate family, if applicable) can easily apply for his/her permanent residency.

Why Hire Us to Assist With Your Canadian Business Visa Application?

Canada being rich with opportunities for budding businesses, and it may be an excellent place for you to understand your potential. The Canadian market is prospering thanks, in large part, to foreign businesses, and you can also count yourself among one of them, but only through the correct immigration channels. So far First Light Immigration Consultancy have helped thousands of business owners and investors to successfully immigrate to Canada. Our experienced immigration lawyers are ready to assess your case and recommend a best course of action for your process to best serve your needs.

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