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How to get a work permit in Canada

How to get a work permit in Canada

The majority of people who want to work in Canada will need a work permit, with a few exemptions. You could join the over 180,000 foreign employees who come to work in Canada each year by applying for a work permit in Canada.

This is due to Canada’s desire to attract international talent and skills to aid in the country’s economic and social objectives. To suit the country’s economic and labour market demands, Canada issues work permits to foreign workers. Work permits are often provided for social reasons, such as to keep families together and in Canada and to strengthen and build cultural ties with partner countries.

How to Apply for a Canadian Work Permit

Obtaining a work permit is typically a two-step process. Candidates will almost always need a job offer before applying for a work permit in Canada.

Step 1:

In the great majority of circumstances, the initial step toward acquiring a Canadian work visa is to apply to Employment and Social Development Canada for a Labor Market Impact Assessment. Typically, the Canadian business must conduct domestic recruitment efforts and show that no Canadian permanent residents or citizens are qualified for the post in question.

Step 2:

After receiving a good LMIA, the applicant can apply for a work permit.

Unless a worker possesses an open work permit, a work permit is employer-specific. Before performing another job in Canada, a worker must get a new Work Permit if they want to change employers. Work permits in Canada are similarly limited in terms.

Duration of Work Permit

Every work permit in Canada has an expiration date. Permanent residence status is the sole method to work in Canada permanently or for an indeterminate period of time.

The length of Canadian work permits and the total amount of time non-Canadians can work in Canada are both in control of the Canadian government. Individuals can work in Canada for a total of 48 months, or four years, whether they work continuously or with pauses between permits.

Canadian Work Permit Update during Covid

According to the recent news, if you are seeking a work permit in Canada, you are in luck because Canada is still accepting work permit applications. The following foreign employees can now enter Canada by land or air:

  • Temporary workers with a valid work permit or who have been approved for a work permit but have not yet received one
  • IEC participants who have not yet activated their work permits must have a legitimate job offer for migrating to Canada.
  • Participants in the IEC who have already activated their work permits and were temporarily outside the country do not need a genuine job offer to re-enter.

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