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Family Class Sponsorship

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The Family Sponsorship Program

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, and your family member wants to immigrate to Canada, then you have a great opportunity to help them. You can sponsor them through the Canada family sponsorship program.
You can become their sponsor by making immigration applications easier.

Different family members, like siblings and sisters more than 18, or grown-up free youngsters can’t be sponsored. If they apply to immigrate under the Skilled Worker Class, they may get additional points for flexibility or adaptability for having a relative in Canada.

Can Sponsor…?

  • Parents, Grandparents.
  • Spouse, Common-law Partner, Or Child.
  • Siblings Or Sisters, Nephews, Or Nieces.
  • Granddaughters Or Grandsons.
  • Another Family Member Of Any Age.
  • Going With Family Members Of The Above mentioned

Eligibility Criteria

– Your age should be at least 18 years.
– You are a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident or that you are enrolled as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.
– Try not to get social help except if you get government help as a disabled person.
– You should provide the fundamental requirements or basic needs of the one you are sponsoring.

To be a sponsor

1.You and the sponsored relative should consent to a sponsorship agreement that commits you to offer monetary help for your family member if necessary. This agreement also expresses that the individual becoming a permanent resident will make every possible effort to support themselves. Under the age of 22, Dependent children don’t need to sign this agreement. Quebec residents should sign an “undertaking” with the area of Quebec-an an agreement contract restricting the sponsorship.

2.You should promise to offer monetary help for the family member and some other qualified family members going with them for a time of three to ten years, depending on their age and relationship with you. This time span starts on the date they become a permanent resident.

3.To sponsor some other qualified family members (for instance, guardians and grandparents), you should be living in Canada.

Who Can’t be Sponsor:

1.You may not be a sponsor if any of the accompanying concerns you:
2.You got social help for a reason other than disability;
3.You are in default of an endeavor, immigration loan, performance bond, or family support installments or payment.
4.You were convicted for specific violations and have not been rehabilitated.
5.You were previously sponsored as a life partner and it has been under a long time since you become a Canadian resident.
6.You previously applied to be a sponsor and a decision has not been made.
7.You are under a removal order;
8.You are being punished in a penal institution (prison, jail, etc).

Key Points

  • If you were a Canadian resident (by birth) when your youngster was conceived, your child is a Canadian resident also. You don’t have to apply for a residence permit them.
  • If you sponsor only your child (not a spouse/partner), you should demonstrate that the other parent also agrees to the child immigrating. In this case, the child is the main applicant.
  • If you are sponsoring both a mate/spouse and their child (or one you had together), the spouse/partner is the main applicant. The child is dependent on this situation.
  • In this case, If your child has a child of their own, you need to include them as dependents in this application.

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