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Express Entry

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What is Express Entry?

This system was introduced by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, now called IRCC) in June 2017 and has seen a lot of popularity. It features a points system which hones and facilitates the selection of suitable candidates.

It is titled “Express Entry” because it cuts application deadlines and processing time to as little as 6 months (although it can take up to 2 years, and reach up to 3 years in some rare cases).

The system is connected to a large number of immigration streams, providing faster processing for the majority of the programs, which is why this is the most popular method of application among candidates.

Types of Canada Immigration Express Entry Programs:-

1.Federal Skilled Worker Class
2.Federal Skilled Trades Class
3.Canadian Experience Class
4.Provincial Nominee Program

Federal Skilled Worker Class:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is designed for all applicants who have skilled work experience or foreign work experience to immigrate to Canada.
Skilled work includes:

a. Managerial jobs
b. Professional jobs
c. Technical jobs
d. skilled trades

The other minimum requirement for this program is language ability and education. It requires a high level of language proficiency in English or in French and requires a university degree and technical jobs that require a college diploma or that require training. It also requires 1 year of work experience in a particular occupation within the last 10 years.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) is designed for skilled workers in specific trades or industries who have work experience in a foreign country and who would like to become Permanent Residents. It targets people in specific occupations, which includes:-

a. Industrial, development trades & electrical.
b. Natural resources
c. Maintenance and equipment operation trades.
d. Technical jobs and Supervisors in agriculture.
e. Supervisors & central utilities control operators for processing,
f. Chefs and bakers
g. Butchers

Meet the required language ability or skill :

➔ It requires a level of language proficiency in English or French.
➔ An occupation that falls into technical jobs requires a college diploma or training.
➔ Within the last 5 years, you must have 2 years of work experience.
➔ Those people who apply must have a valid job offer from a Canadian company and a certificate that proves that they have a significant degree of expertise in the trade.

Canadian Experience Class:

Canadian Experience Class program is designed for those applicants or skilled workers who have work experience within Canada before and want to become a

Permanent Resident

Meet the required language ability or skill:
Must have a High Level of language proficiency in English or French.
Must have an occupation that comes into management jobs, professional jobs, or technical jobs.

Meet the required language ability or skill.

At least 1 year of work experience in the industry in the last 3 years before applying.

Provincial Nominee Program:

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is designed for the provinces of Canada so they assign and select especially skilled workers who fulfill their needs. The candidate that is invited to apply should then live and work in the province selected or nominated and sponsored. It is managed by the provinces and only uses the Express Entry portal to receive online profiles.

How to Apply for Canadian Express Entry:
1. Check your eligibility or qualification.
2. Prepare the fundamental documents:
a. Valid Passport/ travel document
b. Language test results
c. Medical examination
d. Proof that you have enough funds to cater to yourself in Canada if you are invited to apply
e. Police verification: you must have a clean criminal record
f. Job offer letter from an employer in Canada
3. Submit your profile.
4. Receive an invitation and apply for permanent residence.

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