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Canadian Experience Class

What is the Canadian Experience Class?

The Canadian Experience Class is for people or skilled workers who have Canadian work experience and want to immigrate permanently or want permanent residence in Canada.

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The Canadian Experience Class (CEC program) is a permanent resident category for individuals who have already established themselves as skilled workers in Canada.

The (Canadian Experience Class) CEC program opens the door to Canada with having a good opportunity for foreign students and foreign workers.

It is the fastest option for outsiders, individual or foreign students to achieve Canadian permanent residence. The main objective of the CEC program is to increase the number of skilled workers in Canada.

To qualify for the CEC, You should have:

1) A minimum of 12 months of skilled experience in Canada, within the last three years (before you apply).

2) The work could be full-time OR an equal amount in part-time.

❖ Full-time:- 1 year full-time (30 hours/week for 12 months ).
❖ An equal amount in part-time:- 1-year full-time (15 hours/week for 24 months).

3) With the right authorization gained your work experience while working in Canada.

4. Required language proficiency levels, in English or in French.
❖ Writing
❖ Reading
❖ Listening
❖ Speaking

5.Skilled work experience means according to the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) are:-

❖ Managerial jobs (skill level 0)
❖ Professional jobs (skill type A)
❖ Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill type B)


1.One doesn’t necessarily meet Education Requirements under the Canadian Experience Class but If you wish to boost your rank for immigration purposes within the Express Entry pool there are 2 ways you’ll try this from that you just simply will get additional points.

2.You can get points for a certificate, diploma, or degree from a Canadian, If you visited the school or college in Canada:

a)secondary school (high school) or
b)post-secondary school or institute

3.If you’ve got foreign education, you’ll be able to get points for:

a)A completed foreign diploma.,
b)An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for migration purposes from an assigned association showing that your schooling is similar to a finished endorsement, certificate, or degree from a Canadian or your Educational Assessment Report shows that your foreign education is similar to the identical.

The process to apply for the Canadian Experience Class:

1. Get a Canadian work permit and complete a time of work:-

Getting a Canadian work grant is a first and most significant step in applying for the CEC program. At least a year of work experience is needed (or more, if part-time) to be qualified under the Canadian Experience Class.

2. Meet qualification criteria and make an Express Entry profile:-

This is the point at which you will finish an approved Canadian language test followed by making your Express Entry profile on the IRCC site.

You will be asked for some personal information that could be:
1. Age
2. Education
3. Language Ability Or Proficiency
4. Pay/ Income
5. Canadian Work Experience
6. Spouse/Companion (If Applicable)

3. Receive an ITA:-

After completing the Express Entry profile, it’s time to pause or wait! Getting an (Invitation to Apply) ITA can be an easing step in the process for some. If you accept the invitation, your application will be handled in a half year or less.

4. Complete a medical test and provide proof of police verification, and submit an e-application:-

The e-application, which should be submitted within 60 days of getting an ITA, should likewise incorporate itemized work reference letters from past businesses.
Given the tight time span, it is a smart thought to accumulate individual verifications and work reference letters before you get an ITA.

6. Get confirmation of PR status and receive a PR card:-

A Canadian migration official will review the submitted e-application and let you know whether whatever else is required. Most applications submitted under the Canadian Experience Class are processed inside within a half year.

When you have your confirmation of status, you may then apply for your PR card. If you travel outside Canada, you may use this card as a verification of your status in Canada.

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